A brief History of Newark Castle Cycling Club

Newark Castle CC was founded in 1947. Most of the cycling races then were fixed distance time trials.

In the 1960’s our members formed the basis of a strong and feared group of riders, with Roger Hobby scoring a hat trick of senior East Midlands road race titles in 1966, 1967 and 1968. A record that remains unsurpassed.

During the late 1970’s we had another influx of riders to carry the banner, producing a National School boy champion in 1972, namely David Miller. Also among this group of young riders Nigel Redmile became a National Champion on the track in 1980, winning the 20K title. David Miller had by then turned professional and won 2 National road race titles in 1985 and 1987, as well as racing extensively in France and Belgium.

During the decade up to the Millennium we had a very successful group of track riders winning National titles between 1991 – 1995. The most successfully being Pete Kennedy who won 6 National titles, Bob McGregor who won 3 National vets. track titles, 1989, 1990 and 1991. Helen McGregor won the ladies 800m. Track titles in 1993. Steve Taylor won Welsh titles in Mountain biking and Cyclo Cross races. In the past 30 years we have had a worthy 29 National titles to our credit.

A general decline in juniors coming through the sport / club gave rise to the creation of the junior section, with junior membership steady increasing since London 2012.

We have also seen an up surge in interest at Senior level since the Olympics and a group of ladies who are now keen to race .

The club has seen an increase in members new and old entering the club evening 10 mile time trials and some very notable records have been achieved across all age groups.

The clubs records stand as:


6miles 31-06-77 G. Bush Club Event 13:44
10miles 14-08-76 D.Miller Yorks LCA 22:27
25miles 20-07-91 N. Burton Rutland CC 1:00:49
30miles 08-07-75 S.Day Club Event 1:17:56
50miles 15-06-75 N. Redmile East Mids CC 2:13:32


10miles 30-06-92 S.Kennedy Newark CC Open 20:53
25miles 08-04-93 S.Kennedy Jack O’Connor 57:02
30miles 13-07-80 S.R. Hurst Rockingham CC 1:11:07
50miles 20-07-80 S.R. Hurst Rotherham Whs 2:04:32
100miles 26-08-79 S.R. Hurst York’s Century 4:38:17


10miles 20-07-92 A. Ablewhite Club Event 20:02
15miles 28-06-00 J. Russell Ratae CC 32:48
25miles -04 A. Plumb Club Event 51:39
30miles 07-09-91 J.Russell Leo Road Club 1:05:42
50miles 24-05-98 N. Gainsley Holme valley Whs 1:54:05
100miles 15-09-91 A.Ablewhite Nth Mids &Hrts 3:59:23
12Hr 12-08-84 H.A.Stennett National Champs 253.683mls
24Hr 26-08-84 H.A.Stennett National Champs 471.22mls


10miles 19-09-88 C.Webster Yorks LCA 23:55
25miles 14-06-87 C.Webster National Champs 1:01:14
30miles 07-06-88 C.Webster Club Event 1:21:17
50miles 04-07-71 E Southgate Lincs R.R.A 2:26:14
100miles 12-09-71 E.Southgate Nth Mids C.F. 5:10:19


10miles 20-09-80 H.A. Stennett Lincoln Whs 25:48
25miles 13-09-75 R.Earl Tri Ass Mids Reg 1:06:41
30miles 05-06-79 H.A.Stennett Club Event 1:22:41
50miles 10-06-79 H.A.Stennett Tri Ass N.E.reg 2:20:22
100miles 31-08-80 H.A.Stennett Notts Clarion 4:58:22
12Hr 12-08-79 H.A.Stennett Leicester Forest 221.567mls


10miles 29-06-89 L.Tunaley Club Event 26:19


10miles 29-05-97 A. Ablewhite Club Event 20:53
15miles 30-07-94 A. Davies Northampton DCA 36:25
25miles 08-10-11 I. Russell Notts Clarion 25 55:10
30mile 03-07-94 A.Davies Rockingham CC 1:11:01
50miles 17-07-94 A. Davies Club Champs 2:00:58
100miles 08-07-84 H.A.Stennett Northampton DCA 4:13:22
12Hr 12-08-84 H.A.Stennett National Champs 253.683mls
24HR 26-08-84 H.A.Stennett National Champs 471.22.mls.  

Team Club Records

10 miles 20.08.1992 A .Ablewhite, J. Russell, G.Cranidge, D.Burkit. Club Event 1:02:05. 
25miles 18.05.1993 A. Ablewhite, J. Russell, N.Wainright Club Event 2:43:16
50 miles 21.07.1991 A. Ablewhite, D.Burkit, J. Russell. Club Champs 5:25:45
100 miles 08.08.1965 J.Horner, M.Glass, K.Earl. Newark Open 13:16:01
12Hr. 17.08.1975 J. Gregory, H.A. Stennett, K. Earl Leicester Forest 716.366mls

Tandem Club Records

10 miles 25-08-88 D.C.Jackson, Miss C. Webster Club Event 21:27
25 Miles 18-09-88 D.C.Jackson, Miss C. Webster Club Event 55:07

Place to Place Records

Newark to Skegness 27.07.1997 R Cooke 2:05:47
Newark Retford & Back 29.06.1977 K Earl 1:33:15
Newark Ollerton & Back 26.03.2000 J. Russell 52:39
Sports Course Lockwell Hill 19.05.1998 J.Russell 1:04:33
Flawborough ‘10’ 13.09.2007 L. Byrne 22:47

Newark Castle Cycling Club National Champions

1977 Dave Miller ESCA 10mile T.T.
1980 Nigel Redmile BCF National Hard Track 20K
1985 Dave Miller BCF Pro Criterion
1987 Dave Miller BCF Pro Ominium
1989 Bob McGregor VRCA Hard Track Sprint 1000m
1990 Bob McGregor VRCA Hard track Sprint 1000m
1991 Pete Kennedy BCF Grass Track 8K
1991 Bob McGregor VRCA Hard Track Sprint 5mile
1993 Pete Kennedy BCF Grass Track 800m
1993 Helen McGregor BCF Grass Track 800m
1994 Pete Kennedy BCF Hard Track 800m
1994 Pete Kennedy BCF Grass Track 400m
1995 Pete Kennedy BCF Grass Track 8K
1995 Pete Kennedy Scot Grass Track 6.4K
1995 Pete Kennedy Scot Grass Track 1000m
2000 Steve Taylor Wales Vets MTB
2001 Steve Taylor Wales Vets MTB
2001 Steve Taylor Wales Vets Cyclo Cross
2004 David Fletcher Schoolboy Cyclo Cross
2012 Ian Russell L.V.R.C. Time Trial Champions
2015 Jude de Toit Schoolboy National Criterium Champion